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ALVESTIA GROUP helps to obtain a residence permit. We offer a range of services to assist with obtaining different types of permits, including the “Golden Visa” for real estate investors, permits for economically independent persons, investors, students, and more. Additionally, Alvestia Group can help with business immigration, moving due to marriage, family reunions, and obtaining refugee status.


ALVESTIA GROUP will help you carry out a comparative market analysis, and find and buy any property in Spain and other countries. You can get qualified advice from our specialists and collaborators. The effectiveness of the ALVESTIA GROUP lies in the cooperation with our specialist partners in the following areas: legal, auditing, consulting, banking, tax, finance, engineering and construction.

ALVESTIA GROUP offers, among others, the following services:

1. Technical audit of the object to be acquired.
2. Real estate management, including the development of a real estate asset management strategy.
3. Legal and tax support of operations (sale, lease, exchange) with any real estate.

If you want to submit a property, please send us the details at or do not hesitate to call us at +34685115563.

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